#SunnyHealthFitness Guide: 5 Min Mobility Routine to Warm Up Your Body #mobilityroutine #5minexercise

5 Min Mobility Routine to Warm Up Your Body Workout Length: 5-Minutes Workout Level: Beginner Trainer: Sydney Eaton Workout Description Wake up and move with this quick 5-minute mobility series that will set the tone for your day. This 5-minute session includes light movements to warm up your body, and dynamic stretches to increase your range of motion, and stretch out the little tweaks and snags to either prepare your body for a workout or simply help you move better throughout the day! Workout Details 0:00 | Intro 0:38 | Squat + overhead reach 1 min 1:26 | Lunge glide 1 min 2:25 | Child's pose + back extensions 1 min 3:36 | Low lunge + overhead reach 1 min 5:09 | Side windmills 1 min END WORKOUT FITNESS EQUIPMENT USED FREE RESOURCES TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sunnyhealthfitness #mobilityroutine #5minexercise #stretches #mobility #workout #mobilitystretches #mobilityfollowalong #followalongmobility #morningmobilityflow #flexibility #flexibilityroutine

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