#EddieBauer Guide: Limited Edition Eddie Bauer X Karla Collaboration Brings 80’s Style to the Outdoors for al

Eddie Bauer believes that outdoor experiences should be for everyone. In a limited edition release, we have partnered with Karla Welch whose progressive fashion sense has combined eclectic style with classic outdoor performance to create a one of a kind collection. This new collaboration represents an ode to 80’s style with an exuberant, playful and optimistic look forward. Eddie Bauer X Karla Collaboration: https://www.eddiebauer.com/campaign/xkarlaOther Eddie Bauer CollaborationsEddie Bauer x Sub Pop: https://www.eddiebauer.com/campaign/sub-pop Eddie Bauer x JJJJound: https://www.eddiebauer.com/campaign/jjjjound

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