#SunnyHealthFitness Guide: 25 Min Full Body Stretch, Relax + Loosen Tight Muscles #Stretch #FullBodyStretch

25 Min Full Body Stretch, Relax + Loosen Tight Muscles Got a recovery day on your schedule? Relax and loosen up tight muscles with this 25 min full body stretch routine. Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney as she leads you through a variety of stretches to release tension in your muscles from head to toe! WORKOUT DETAILS Complete 0:30 to 1:00 of each stretch - Wrist Stretch (right and left) - Head Roll (right and left) - Shoulder Roll (forward and back) - Shoulder Stretch (right and left) - Tricep Stretch (right and left) - Overhead Stretch (right and left) - Hamstring Hang - IT Band (right and left) - Downward Dog - Calf & Soleus (right and left) - Half Split (right and left) - Hip Flexor & Quad (right and left) - High Lunge & Low Lunge (right and left) - Back Extension - Childs Pose - Rock & Roll - Pretzel Glute - Lower Back Twist - Deep Breathing #Stretch #FullBodyStretch #Flexibility

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